Anderson Hunter Employees Volunteer with Washington Trails Association

Here is an excerpt from the Washington Trails Association website:

Today, National Public Lands Day, we had 5 volunteers from the Anderson Hunter Law Firm, in Everett.  First, Darrel took his crew of 2 to the lower end of some really bad rock steps, and built 3 new steps, to create a nice staircase for hikers.  Darrel and his crew bemoaned the excessive rain, which stopped their efforts to create one more rock step, but the work completed was a much improved trail for hikers.  Above that, Micki and her crew of 2, removed rocks from a portion of the trail, which hikers were avoiding (and creating a new trail on the outslope) and "mellowed" the old trail, then blocked the new trail - by the end of the day, hikers were using the old (reconditioned) trail.  Finally, Pete and 2 volunteers insloped the drainage for two switchbacks, created an inslope ditch and moved water from the middle of the trail, to the side, with no water on the trail, for both switchbacks.  What a day for Wallace Falls State Park. The Park Service even provided cake at the bottom of the trail.  The volunteers were Jeff, Tracy, Angela (2 times out), Valerie, Elaine (all with Anderson Hunter), Tim (Monty) and Leaders Darrel and Micki, who really did the job, in a real rain downpour. 

Thanks to Pete Dewell (retired Anderson Hunter attorney) for leading us.  This work was done on Saturday, September 28 - one of the wettest days of the year!

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