Mediation FAQs

Are negotiations confidential?

Settlement negotiations, offers of settlement and related information exchanged during a settlement conference or mediation are “confidential” and cannot be introduced in court at a later time (with a few rare or limited exceptions).  The mediator cannot be called as a witness to provide evidence of settlement offers.

Will the Mediator give me legal advice?

No. The mediator does not represent nor does he act as attorney for either side.  While an evaluation of your case may be provided, it is not legal advice as to how you should proceed.  You should rely upon your own attorney solely for that.

How can a mediation be scheduled?

If you wish to have your case mediated at Anderson Hunter by one of our attorneys, simply e-mail or call the attorney with your request. You will be asked to provide your name and the identity of the other party in order that we can run a check to ensure we do not have any conflicts of interest.